Lil Dizzy’s gains ground on Esplanade.

Lil Dizzy’s has finally managed to find a service staff to match the food.

Wednesday breakfast after Jazz Fest we descended as a group of five. One order of waffle, one shrimp omelet, one eggs with fried catfish and two orders of liver and eggs.

In the past I’ve ordered the shrimp grillades and grits. That’s shrimp with a sauce over grits and it’s heavenly.

The waffle was crisp and tasty, the omelet got two thumbs up, the catfish got a maybe and the liver got a heads up.

But the nice report is that this restaurant has finally found some servers who can provide good service. Our visits before have found the servers charming, but unable to remember to bring the coffee, or the orange juice, or whatever else, with endless arguments echoing from the kitchen area.

This trip was very different. Efficient, solicitous service.

Try the shrimp….

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