>Annecy is a wonderful vacation destination!

>The Annecy Suite is in the heart of the Medieval District overlooking the river canal and its borders which were full of life and flowers. The open air “marche” almost occurs next door. This is the sort of location and accommodation that one would expect a high-priced, very experienced travel agent to PERHAPS be able to make available.

Annecy is incredibly clean, beautifully situated, and has a lovely, large park within walking distance right by the lake. The town is very walkable. Historic Rentals provides a wonderfully complete book of household instructions and contact numbers for daily needs and emergencies. A superb arrangement – but be prepared for those circular medieval stairs!

On a side note: I STUMBLED on to the Historic Rentals website. I was seeking another that was close in spelling…. Thank God I did! It could not have been more perfect.

Ida Mae J.

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