>We enjoyed the Rosiers suite very much!


We enjoyed the Rosiers suite very much. This suite along with the Cluny and Luxembourg suites located on Rue de l’École Polytechnique are in wonderful locations. I’m not quite sure which one we will choose for our next trip (probably not until 2013). The restaurant L’As du Falafel was as described, and terrific. I particularly enjoyed the man who walked up and down the lines collecting for the meal and, if anyone hesitated more than two seconds in ordering, he told them what they were going to eat. The patisserie/boulangerie at the corner of Rue des Rosiers and Rue des Ecouffes were superb. I got a kick out of the cashier, an older man, who beamed with genuine delight when I was able to pay with the exact amount of cash.
We were indeed able to get tickets to La Bayadère at the Opéra Garnier by going to the box office as you suggested. For 10 € each we were seated in a box with a beautiful view of the stage. Problem was, we were in the third row which we had a perfect view of the backs of the heads of the people in front of us. There was a simple solution – we turned the chairs around and alternately knelt and stood, and thereby saw the entire ballet which was wonderful.
Michael L.
Boise, Idaho

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